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An Update On Renew

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Dear Renew Church family,

Over the last months, a variety of things have taken place that have caused us to seriously examine where things are with Renew Church and what our future might look like.  We have struggled financially and have fallen farther and farther behind each month in covering our monthly overhead.  We have also lost a considerable number of people since this past fall.

In November, I put out the challenge to the congregation that by February, we needed to increase our tithes and attendance to help bridge the gap in our financials or we would have to look at alternative options.  Immediately following that, I was in a terrible car accident and have been unable to meet with people or attempt to raise funds.  Being out of commission has also highlighted how much I was doing on my own vs. having the support that is needed to sustain us long term.  In light of all of this, we have now arrived at February, and unfortunately we have not made much progress in gathering support of any kind – both with people and finances.  We are at a place where we have had to make some very tough decisions and figure out what the best path is for our church in this season.

With all that said, February is going to be our last month meeting on a weekly basis on Sunday mornings.  Our very last service will be the last Sunday in February – Feb. 26th.  Moving forward after February, we will continue to have a men’s and women’s group that meets at the counseling center and I will be putting sermons online weekly for people to watch, but we will not be meeting as a group on a weekly basis anymore.  We hope to potentially have a large group gathering several times a year for anyone who would want to join us for that.

We are very sad and this has been a huge grieving process, but we are learning that sometimes you have to let go of something for something new to grow.  We are hopeful for what God will create out of this ending, and while it might look different, we know that Renew Church will not die.

Renew Counseling is doing very well and will continue to operate as it currently is.  We will be using the counseling office space for our men’s and women’s groups and potentially in other ways as we seek to continue serving our community.

You have meant so much to me, and to my family over the years, and I am so grateful for all of the ways you have impacted my life.  While I wish I could share this news with all of you in person, I wanted to make sure that you knew what was happening in the life of our church.  If after reading this, you have any questions or would like further clarification, you are always welcome to contact me.

We will be continuing to meet for the remainder of February, and I promise that you will have my very best effort in all that we do as we finish strong and well.  I would ask you to please join us for these last few weeks as we celebrate all that God has done in our midst and look forward to what He will continue to do in the coming weeks and months.

I love you all,

Pastor Fizz/David