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August 7, 2013 – Message From Pastor Fizz

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Good Morning Renew Church,

I pray your week is going well and that you know and understand God’s love and his great passion for you. I hope you are slowly getting ready for the start of the new school year….ugh I always hate the beginning of the school year.  Each year I’m asked the most amazingly simple yet difficult question…..”daddy, why do I need to got to school?” I have often waxed eloquent with my children, explaining the incredible benefits of an education and the importance of learning….I have discussed the opportunities that are created by becoming educated and the great joys that are experienced from understanding and knowing the amazing complexity of the world and the universe we live in. Ultimately, after continued great angst over going to school again my default kicks in and I just say, “’cause in the United States it’s illegal to not go to school.” Oh well! So much for my great explanations. It’s hard to explain the benefits of something until you actually go through the process and experience it personally for yourself. So for my children, until they actually get their education they cannot understand how important it is in their life.

That’s often what happens when people ask me about Christianity. Why would I, as an academic and psychologist, choose Christianity? There are lots of other religious traditions and philosophies out there….why Christianity? I have delivered great explanations making the mysteries of the universe known and elucidated the power of God and Christ in the midst of my daily living – that’s actually not really true, but I’ve tried to make great and grand arguments for the faith…..and honestly, they often end with the same blank stares that my children give me after explaining the importance of an education. It’s just really hard to convince someone of the importance of something when they are skeptical or fighting against it. Even Christ struggled to make convincing arguments with the skeptics. Have you thought about that as an issue? Here’s God Himself on Earth in human form and with all His power and knowledge and wisdom, He couldn’t convince people of the importance of faith in God. Yeah, He drew crowds. But crowds will show up to almost anything. Try to convince a crowd of something. That’s almost impossible when they don’t want to know, do or hear something.

Yet the Bible authors created an interesting argument for some. The Bible actually asks people this…..it asks, “taste this thing called faith. Try it out, and see if it makes sense. See if it works.” It’s an interesting argument for faith. Not logical, not the grand, linear, debate in which someone wins. We are simply asked to try it. See if it works and see if it makes sense. If it does, continue trying. If it doesn’t, you can walk away. This may be the best way for people to try Christianity. In this day and age of skepticism and doubt, why not just give out free samples and ask people to try it? Why not have people just take a month and join the faith and see if it works and makes sense. If it doesn’t, that’s okay. This is a very scary concept though. The person could leave us and the faith, and I think many in Christianity would struggle with this. Hmmm but I wonder how this might help some who are wondering or doubting about faith and Christianity. And I wonder whether I have enough faith to allow God to work in that way? Today a great passage from the Old Testament. There are a couple of really good similar passages in the New Testament, a really good one in Hebrews, but today we are in Psalm 34:8:

Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see—
how good God is.
Blessed are you who run to him.

I pray today that each of us decide to taste the faith and run to God.