3 Quick Tips When Dealing With Adult ADHD

Are you an adult who struggles with ADD or ADHD?  Do you feel alone and like no one understands what you deal with on a daily basis?  Here are a few tips that can help give you a place to start! Tip 1.  Read and Educate Yourself About It.  We are living in an age Read More

Why a student discount? ~ By Matt Martin

Being a student is an important phase of life.  It is where we learn about subjects that interest us.  It is where we meet new people and where we learn about ourselves.  When I was in college and traveled around the world one of my favorite experiences was receiving a student discount. I have received Read More

The First Blog! :)

Hi everybody!  Welcome to the Renew Church Counseling blog!  Matt and I are very excited to be getting our counseling center started.  We know there are so many people in our city who could use support for what they are going through in life, and we hope that we can provide a safe place for Read More