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Christmas Countdown

Admin McAdmin —  December 20, 2016

Good Tuesday friends, I can’t believe it’s just 4 days before Christmas. As we begin celebrating the birth of the Messiah, or Immanuel, I hope that we can all take time to recognize the amazing gift we were given. God’s presence on earth, walking with humanity again, just as he did in the garden, is such an amazing gift. And God’s love is so great that he doesn’t want us to feel alone, and think that he’s distant. God chose the hard path of connecting, intimacy, and vulnerability over the punitive choices of punishment, lectures, and attacks. God really wants us to love him, to choose him versus fear him. And in the end, God came to wake us up to a love, to help us understand how to love others, and to encourage becoming who God created us to be-which is loving ourselves. Each is difficult and painful, but if you commit to the journey, you wake up to an incredible life and a beautiful relationship with the creator! I love ya, and am praying for ya!