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The Great Interrupting Messiah

Admin McAdmin —  December 19, 2016

Good Monday friends! I hope that you’ve had a great weekend, and I hope that this week, before Christmas, has started well. I’m always amazed at how crazy the week before Christmas is…there’s generally too much hustle and bustle, and I rarely feel very grounded or prepared to celebrate Immanuel’s birthday. The amazing thing about Immanuel-God with us, is that he came to interrupt our lives. God’s goal was, and is to wake us up from a very deep slumber that the world has lulled us into. The world has lulled us by getting us to focus on competition and advance to the point that we grow numb to ourselves, to others, and to God. And so Immanuel didn’t just sneak into the world to save us from ourselves and from evil, He came gently into the world to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming, and to wake us up to love, to compassion, to kindness, and to mercy. This year I hope that you recognize that Christmas is about being alive to God’s love as you’ve never been before, to be filled with compassion and kindness, and to practice mercy. These are God’s gifts to us through Immanuel and they are the gifts we share because Immanuel interrupted us, and woke us up to a new life. I love ya and I’m praying for ya!