Common Questions

Here are some questions you might be asking yourself about Renew –

Why was Renew started?

We started Renew because there is a need for people to feel the love and freedom that God gave us through Christ. Unfortunately the world and evil tries to create enough pain to limit the power of this message. So we in Renew work diligently to help people grow, experience love and hope through healthy connections and support groups and through the stories of all the members of the church. We have power together that we do not have individually. So through our stories of hurt and pain, we will come together to be stronger than we would ever be alone.

What should I wear?

Feel like flip flops and cargo shorts — cool.  Jeans and a t-shirt — no problem.  Khakis and a dress shirt — works for us!  Come as you are, just as long as you come!

What is your music like?

Our music is our attempt to praise and worship God. Although probably closest to contemporary, we will use many styles and traditions to celebrate and worship.

Where is Renew located?

Click here for Service Time and Directions.

Why so much emphasis on Freedom Groups?

The basic belief of Renew is that everyone walking through our doors is wounded or has been wounded, either by the world or by the church. Thus we have decided to focus on groups that help all of us who are hurting find some healing and support. As you work on your wounds, you will be able to grow more as a whole person including growing your faith.  Click here for more information on Freedom Groups.

Does it cost anything to attend?

There are no membership fees, monthly dues, secret handshakes, or VIP seating. No, it does not cost anything to attend.  Giving is a form of worship, not a form of torture.

What does Renew believe?

Click here to learn What We Believe.

What denomination are you?

We’re just a group of Christ followers committed to being the kind of living, breathing church described in the New Testament.

How do you baptize?

Renew believes that baptism is an important step in a Christian’s life.  The act of baptism is a public declaration of your love and support for Christ. We believe in immersion where and when possible, and sprinkling when unable to immerse. We believe children need to be baptized/dedicated and that this is a commitment between the parents, the church family and God, to raise this child with such love and care that they cannot do anything but become a believer.

What about Communion? 

Communion is a response to Christ’s love, whereby the Christian participates in the process of dying to self through Christ’s broken body and his blood, and resurrecting with Christ in Holy Communion with God the Father and other believers throughout the world.

Are there programs for my children?

Renew believes that children are the life and breathe of the church. Christ consistently placed children in a special place, at times even confusing people around him by elevating children and their natural love, wonder, curiosity, and hope as being equal to the kingdom of God. We have age appropriate programs for your children for preschool through 5th grade.

Anything we didn’t cover, please feel free to contact us directlyjust click here!