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Message from 1-11-17

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Good Wednesday friends! I hope that your week is going well and that you’re feeling ready as we fully enter the New Year! It’s prayer request Wednesday, so please share any request you might have. Continue to pray for me as I’m in the midst of additional medical appointments and now starting physical therapy. My days are already full, and this is just adding to my crazy schedule. On top of that, Monday I had my whole root canal fall out of my gums-it’s the only tooth I’ve ever had dental work on. It’s related to the accident, but just awful as I try to eat with a gaping hole in my gums…lots of fun. Know that you are loved. Know that no matter what’s happening, God loves you! I love ya and I’m praying for ya!
Where does Hope begin? In life, hope begins in the other, our parents or caretakers who lovingly look at us and remind us that life is safe, good, and okay even when there’s pain and doubt. But for many of us, that hope did not stick, or was not consistent enough, or was clouded by their anxiety and their stress. Hope always begins in the other, and if not in parents, then the Great Other. But ultimately hope must be internalized, become our own hope that’s intimate and personal to our own needs, and our own situation. For that to deepen within me I must be consistent, work on reducing my anxiety, and remember… ~D A Lawson