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Message From 1/13/17

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Good Friday friends. Tonight I’m very tired from a tough week of physical therapy and just difficult life stuff. I don’t like it when life is tough and then you get more bad news, or you find out that someone you know or love is sick. It just feels unfair, and it feels like an emotional dogpile…let’s just pile it up, because she/he can take it. The truth is, it is unfair. And there are days, weeks, months, and years that are just really unfair, and somehow you’ve got to find the strength and the hope to get up, get out and do it one more day…just one more day! Join us Sunday as we continue “the good news, page 3.” It’s gonna be great fun. To honor my feelings, I wrote this. Please enjoy, and know that I love you and am praying for ya!
Speeding on our way through the daily grind
Wondering about life but I’ve lost my mind
Weaving through traffic like I’ve lost control
Feeling really broken pretending to be whole
Wondering why I do this every day of my life
Nothings really wrong so it must be right
When out of the blue I get hit and I’m done
Figuring out life when this crap weighs a ton
Now asking for help feeling deep in despair
Trying to reach out but feel no one cares
Knowing in my heart that there really is hope
Finally figuring out that there’s inside dope
Focusing on the love that tries to break through
Knowing when I’ve got it there’s peace in you
D A Lawson