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Spicing Up The Good News

Admin McAdmin —  January 2, 2017

Good Monday friends! I pray that your holiday, or workday, or whatever you’re doing today has been a good one! As I’ve been reflecting recently, I’ve become so aware of the significance of silence and times of meditation, and not just because I’m injured either. I think part of what I’ve discovered over the years is that the “good news” that was given to us in Jesus can become dull, or boring, or unnecessary if we don’t focus on silently holding it and meditating on it. Good news, in our human, frail existence can quickly become, old news, or boring news…and then we struggle and want to create more good news. Sadly, this leads many into a Christian addictive cycle, needing, more, bigger, greater. We become like the children of Israel waiting for the next big miracle, or complaining about the simple miracle of having food given to us-I can just hear the whiny response of the Israelites
in the desert; manna again Moses. It has no flavor, and it’s too mushy, and it’s not….and on they drone. But their story is our story. Without spending time in quiet and without meditating on the amazing gift we have been given in Jesus, we can want to spice it up, make it bigger and better, we’re gonna kick it up a notch as Emeril Lagasse used to say. But here’s the thing, the good news needs nothing from us to make it better. It’s the good news…it doesn’t need anything else. And that what’s amazing about our faith and about Christianity, that we don’t have to add anything to that news, it’s perfect just as it is. I love ya and I’m praying for ya today!