Touch Team

Here at Renew, we believe it is essential that each person who walks in the door to a church service knows they are valuable.  It is our goal to make sure that the community of people who gather together each week to worship knows that they are loved and welcomed into a safe place where they can be real and authentic.  This is where our touch team comes in!  We want there to be multiple opportunities for people to connect – to be “touched” if you will! – through conversation, a friendly greeting, a handshake or maybe even a hug.  While we never want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, we also never want anyone to walk by feeling unnoticed or unseen.  If you love people and would be interested in participating in the Touch Team, here are some ways you can get plugged in.


Door Holders

These are the folks who hold the front doors open and greet people as they arrive.  Interested people should love to smile, love making people feel welcome and well….love holding doors open!

Family Facilitators

We hope to have several people who can hang out in the lobby and escort those families that arrive with kids to our children’s area, helping them feel comfortable and showing them the check-in process.  We hope to offer this service to anyone with children, but especially those first time guests who aren’t sure where to go.  If you love people, love kids, and like walking up and down hallways, this might be for you!

Worship Guide Distributors

This position will be at the inner doors leading into the auditorium.  Those standing here will pass out the worship guides that will be used during the worship service for that day and can certainly offer additional greetings and warm welcomes!  Interested people should love to smile, enjoy greeting people and be great at passing out lots of little sheets of paper!

Hospitality Table

We plan to offer a small assortment of beverages and light snacks before each service starts.  We need people who are willing to be at the table, keeping the coffee and snack plates stocked, and engaging those who come to the table in light conversation.  If you love hospitality, love food or coffee, and enjoy helping people feel at home, this might be the place for you!

Information Table

Inside the auditorium, we have an information table where first time guests can fill out an information card, receive a gift, and where anyone can gain more information about what is happening at Renew and get their specific questions answered.  If you are passionate about Renew, what we are doing in the community, and helping others get connected, this spot could be for you!

Auditorium Greeters

We’ve all noticed it before at churches — or maybe we’ve been that person — where you see someone sitting by themselves waiting for a service to start.  Some people like the solitude, and we will honor that, but we want to make sure that everyone has what they need and has been made to feel at home.  We will have people in the auditorium before the service starts making sure that people’s needs are met and questions answered.  If you enjoy reaching out to people, can talk to a wall, and are great at listening and making people feel at home, this would be a fantastic place for you!

If you are interested in volunteering in any of these spots, please see someone at the Information Table before or after a service or click here to go to the Contact page.  Let us know who you are and what you’d like to do and someone will be in touch very soon!  Thank you for your willingness to help build the community of Renew by touching one person’s life at a time!