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Why a student discount? ~ By Matt Martin

Admin McAdmin —  October 7, 2013

Being a student is an important phase of life.  It is where we learn about subjects that interest us.  It is where we meet new people and where we learn about ourselves.  When I was in college and traveled around the world one of my favorite experiences was receiving a student discount. I have received it for theater tickets, museum visits, movies, and many more.  Receiving the discount would encourage me and let me know that it was valuable to be a student (even when I wanted to be done).

At Renew Counseling we understand the value of a college student discount, and that is why we offer our services at 50% off for college students.  The rate is $25 for a college student with an ID.  Below are just some the issues we address.

Relationship Issues


Being away from family

Academic Stressors

Roommate Issues


Making New Friends

Career decisions

ADHD and College


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